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Ta makten över ditt liv - Note to self

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Många av oss omger oss med listor över saker vi vill påminna oss själva om att göra dagligen. Note to Self är en uppsättning kort som kan hjälpa oss att påminna oss själva att vi har kontroll över våra tankar och handlingar; att vi har val och att våra liv kan vara rika med mening när vi känner oss anslutna och uppfyllda.

Note to self har som syfte att komplettera känslokort såsom Cars R Us eller Nallekorten och bli ett verktyg för terapeuter/coiacher/pedagoger ets som jobbar med att hjälpa människor att skapa positiv förändring. Rätt fråga vid rätt tidpunkt kan vara en kraftfull katalysatorer för förändring och vi behöver alla påminna oss om att vara den bästa version av oss själva. Korten passar alla som vill ta kontroll över sitt liv, göra medvetna val och förtydliga mål. Med över 70 frågor består Note to Self av 24 kort i full färg. Författare: Gena McLean. Designer Robyn Spicer.



Many of us surround ourselves with sticky notes, scraps of paper, or lists of things we want to remind ourselves to do on a day-to-day basis. Note to Self is a set of 24 stunning cards created by local author, Gena McLean, and designed by Castlemaine artist, Robyn Spicer. It reminds us that we have control over our thoughts and actions; that we have choices; that our lives can be rich with meaning when we feel connected and fulfilled.

Note to Self is steeped in the principles of Choice Theory interwoven with components of Reality Therapy. We believe it will be a great adjunct to Cars R Us and become a must-have tool for counsellors, trainers, or anyone who wants to make a positive difference to their life. Right questions at the right time are powerful catalysts for change and we all need these reminders to be the best we can be. These cards are for anyone who wants to take effective control of their life, make conscious choices and clarify goals. With over 70 questions for counsellors, social workers, managers and educators, Note to Self consists of 24 full colour cards. Author: Gena McLean. Designer Robyn Spicer.

For a long time I have held the belief that we are all fully accountable and responsible for ourselves. But it was the discovery of these ten simple words that changed my perspective forever: “It only takes one person to change your life…you.”

I distinctly remember the moment this quote changed my life. I’d seen it on my wall day after day for months, until one morning I read it and it finally sank in. I felt the goosebumps rise, and the heady sensation of suddenly being very alive in the moment. A sense of relief flooded my body; I felt liberated… strangely free. This profoundly simple sentence meant that I no longer had to wait for someone else to fix my problems; I could rescue myself.

I realised I was only ever stuck if I handed control to others, or had thoughts of stuckness.

Since that magic moment the quote has been my core ‘Note to Gena’, and in a round about way has lead to the creation of Note to Self.

We all talk to ourselves about the stuff that’s going on in our lives; we have opinions about what we are experiencing – sometimes we voice them, other times we churn them over and over in our mind in silent agony. Often we call ourselves names – punish and blame ourselves for something we did or didn’t do. What we say about our self, to our self, really matters. It affects our selfesteem, our choices, our experiences, and ultimately our ability to be happy.

It was this realisation that led me to ponder: imagine if we made daily mental notes about stuff that really matters?

Note to Self is about encouraging and supporting positive self talk. It provides the opportunity for us to be kind, compassionate and forgiving toward ourselves and others. It promotes responsibility through acceptance and respect. It helps us resume control when we feel like we have none.

And, most of all, it offers hope. By shining a light on our thoughts we can begin to see with awareness and clarity just what we’ve been choosing. We then have the chance to rewrite the script we’ve been living, one note to self at a time.

The quote also sits perfectly with Dr William Glasser’s Choice Theory which states that the only behaviour we can control is our own. My journey with Choice Theory began in 2005. I enrolled in a Basic four-day Intensive with the aim of using Choice Theory in my work with clients. It was indeed an intense time of great learning, but mostly about myself. No wonder Choice Theory is known as a self theory!

I did begin to use Choice Theory with my clients as planned, but I also started applying it in my everyday life. I was hooked at a very personal level. I had finally found a framework into which I could fit years of self-directed reading and research. I continued with Choice Theory training, proudly reaching Certification in 2008. Since then, life has been quite the rollercoaster ride. At times I feel almost cursed by my knowledge of Choice Theory because I cannot escape my self! Other times I feel incredible enthusiasm and a deep appreciation for Glasser’s message of internal control.

Note to Self is steeped in the principles of Choice Theory – interwoven with components of Reality Therapy – the core of which is to evaluate one’s own behaviour and choices. Thousands of people around the world know, like me, that this process ignites positive change.

My wish is that Note to Self becomes the mantra you use to improve the quality of your life and that from this day forward you begin to live a life that is more meaningful, peaceful and happy.

Gena McLean

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